Our philosophy

Clos Marguerite blends influences from both the old and the new world. The vineyard sits on a gravel terrace of the Awatere River in Marlborough and takes advantage of a terroir undiscovered until recently. Free-draining soils combined with the dry and sunny climate allow us to maintain low vine vigour and for the grapes to reach full aromatic maturity. Viticultural practices from 'old world' traditions include high density planting, Guyot pruning and a low, controlled yield, while the new world has influenced our cool fermentation methods in stainless steel. Both the vineyard and winery comply with "Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand" practices.

Subtle in flavour yet offering a complete experience in every glass, both the Pinot Noir and the Sauvignon Blanc provide a memorable experience. Designed to complement your food, not overpower it, these wines work perfectly alongside many different dishes.